What The Project Is!

The Tree of Freedom Project it's easy to start out, a memorial for Afghanistan and Iraq wars to honor those that have died in the war and given their lives for the cause of freedom.

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For the past decade, U.S. troops have been stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. To date, thousands of servicemen and women have given their lives in these conflicts. This memorial is dedicated to all who have served in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Scuplpture

The exterior of the building will be a round structure about 50 Feet in diameter. As a person moves towards the building large granite pillars come into view; on the ground level columns standing 15 feet tall. Above those, inset from the edge by 5 feet, a second wall of smaller double columns rising up another 10 into the air, shadow and light dancing between each column set in the hollow of the alcove rounded out, and about a foot in depth, for the full height of the columns. Sitting on top of that columned wall a gleaming dome made of glass with a design; a symbol representing 'eternal love and thanks' created out of metal and holding glass panels in the same design. The glass will be hand poured with stars etched in the design.

Entering the structure, the columns on the exterior will be single columns around the entire perimeter of the building and then three feet away towards the inside of the structure another wall of double columns creating a hallway in which a stream will flow from entrance to entrance with lights reflecting in the water; reflecting the ripples and movement of the water and creating a calming, peaceful feeling so the feeling serenity will fill anyone walking into the memorial. Upon entering the tree will be the first thing seen. The Tree will be standing on a four-foot-high stack of clear glass panes with brilliant white light filtering through the quotes that are etched on each pane, each quote pertaining to the cost of freedom, and the cost that people have given for that Freedom. The bright light will shine from the base of the tree towards the top of the building.

On the top of the hill structure that these panes of glass create will be a carbon fiber fallen soldier sculpture (boots, gun, helmet, and dog tags), standing in stark contrast to the rest of the sculpture. The tree will be standing next to the fallen soldier sculpture, made of multiple strands of acrylic covered wire looking like woven glass, creating the tree, going from a root structure to the trunk and up into the branches. At the tip of each strand of wire will be a large leaf containing two (2) LED's and a leaf that has the name of a service member that gave their life.

Down at the base of the entire sculpture there will be a couple dozen 42" touch screen monitors that will have the names of the service members who gave their lives. A visitor will be able to select a name as they see it scroll along the screen, or search for a specific name. That will bring up a picture of the service member, information about them, and where they served. It will also bring up a map from top view and side view of the tree in relation to the screen with a point showing where the leaf that contains that person's name is. Each leaf will give off a gentle green light from the LED until the leaf on the map of the screen is selected, then the green light will be replaced by a bright white light to show the place where that name is on the tree. It will stay illuminated for several seconds then dim to the gentle green again.

The project inside and out. a graphic comparing moodboards, style tiles and mockups a graphic comparing moodboards, style tiles and mockups

Steps needed to create this Memorial!

  1. Design

    It seems straigh forward, and it is. This step have been done, we have designed the Memorial, and are taking the next steps that are needed for the project.

    The design created was put together by Sculptor Jeremy Beal

    He has been planning this since the time that he was part of the Enduring Freedom Operation. Having known people who served and gave everything fighting for Freedom, he sat down to design a memorial worthy of those people who have fought in these wars.


    Study of materials and needed elements to make this project a success. The materials used will be durable, and look good for centuries, and at the same time show Honnor to those that is represents.

    On to the next step:

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  2. Donations

    This is usually the most dificult part of a project.

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    A large scale project

    With over a Million Feet of wire needed, LED's, Granite Structures, Acrylic Pieces, carving, and all the electronics and touch screens just to name a few things this project is a big one. Accourding to National law before we can even start the project we have to raise 100% of the funds needed to complete the memorial. Our goal is to get Half the country to donate $1 that would pay for the full construction, and for operations for years to come. We are happy to accept more if you would like to show greater support.

    Donate Here Through Paypal

    Or On Our Kickstarter Page

  3. Write and Petition Goverment Officials

    Why do we need to do this? Because years ago there was a rule passed that a war had to be officially over for 10 years before a monument could be built. Once we make the goal of having the project backed we will send out a Petition to have this Memorial put up now for people that have given there lives then and now. This is a living sculpture one that can change and be added to as time moves on, no one will be forgotten. And the people who have served in these wars shouldn't have to wait 30 or more years to be thanked and recognized for what they have done for us.

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  4. Building

    Now, for the best part, the accual construction of the project.

    The Building

    The Building will be built in the classical style, of Granite. A circular building that is about 50 feet in diameter. The top circular portion will be 40 feet in diameter. The entire structure will be of stone and glass. Showing strength and beauty.

    The Sculpture

    • The Tree is the main sculpture. It will be made of acrylics and metals to give an awe inspiring view. Honoring the service members that the Memorial is for. Light will bath the entire tree, and leaves with the service members names on them. it will be a thought provoking sight.
    illustration of circular iteration with design comps

Some images of the Memorial

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Take the time to make this happen

This project will only happen if you take the time to to show your thanks with a donation, please take the time to donate and then write your Government Representitive. Let's show how much you care.